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Learn to Swim at the JCCDC

Fall 2013 Swim Lesson Registration

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Baby & Me: A class designed for parents and grandparents to enjoy with their infants and toddlers, ages 3 months to 3 1/2 years. Children will gradually become acclimated to the water and slowly learn basic survival skills. The adult will be taught how to hold the child in order to learn skills.

Tots: Designed for children 3 1/2 to 5 years old. The child wears a bubble until the instructor feels that they can do without it, using good form.

Tots 1: This class is an introduction to the basic skills of kicking, floating and alternate arm motion. Getting their face in the water is most important at this level. A double bubble is worn.

Tots 2: Face float is learned and children start to learn to get their arms correctly out of the water, on their stomachs. The back float, kick and fin are also worked on. A single bubble is worn at this level.

Levels 1/2 Combined: This swim level designed for beginner swimmers ages 6 - 12. Children are taught the face float and they learn to get their arms out of the water while on their stomachs. Back float, back kick and fin will also be introduced. Younger children may enter this level after completing Tots 2 and with the instructor's permission.

Level 3A: This class is for those who have successfully completed level 1 and 2. Breathing is taught, followed by rhythmic breathing with arm coordination. Back crawl is introduced along with diving & deep water swimming skills.

Level 3B: Students enter this level when they have mastered the coordination of breathing and arm motion. Work will be done on improving this skill, along with the backstroke, diving and treading water.

Level 4A: This is for students who have successfully completed Level 3. Using the front crawl with proper breathing, and the back crawl, the swimmer should be able to swim the length of the pool unassisted. The elementary backstroke is introduced and endurance is worked on.

Level 4B: Children who are doing a correct elementary backstroke will then learn the sidestroke and breaststroke. All strokes learned will be improved upon, along with endurance.

Level 5: All strokes are perfected and endurance is built. Butterfly and flip turns are taught.

Adult Beginner: This for is beginner swimmers only. Skills taught include back and front float, face and head submersion, treading water and basic kick and fin. This is meant for adults of all ages and children ages 12 and older.

Adult Intermediate/Advanced: Deep water swimming skills are worked on, strokes are taught and/or refined, endurance is built and diving skills are introduced and/or strengthened.


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Information for the Summer swim lessons is here.

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