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In Dutchess County the Community Hebrew School is the central location for the teaching of Hebrew. Support for the school is generated from a broad spectrum of area agencies, including: the Jewish Community Center, Jewish Federation, Temple Beth-El, Cong. Schomre Israel and Vassar Temple. The school is located in the JCC of Dutchess County.

The Community Hebrew School was established in 1919 and since then has helped over 2000 children to learn about their Jewish heritage through the study of modern and Biblical Hebrew. The Hebrew language has been a mainstay in the life of our People throughout our history; Hebrew has been the language of our tradition, of our Law, of our prayers.

As a community school in the 21' century, our role has become more vital than at almost any other time in our history. Today, when knowledge is so elusive to many, it is our responsibility to meet the needs of the community.

Our effectiveness now requires a modification in the elementary-level curriculum.

The expressed needs of our affiliated congregations require a curriculum that includes:

Hebrew as a living language.
A strong foundation in the Hebrew of the Siddur,.
The ability to understand selective Torah verses, and prayers of the Siddur, Machzor and Hagaddah.
Hebrew language study beyond the elementary level.

In contrast to the school's early years, our students now enter later and may remain within the school longer. Children enter at age 8, or when entering third grade of elementary school. They progress through a well-planned eight year program. The three upper grades of the school emphasize Hebrew language instruction, leading to graduation and preparation for the New York Comprehensive Hebrew Regents exam.

The Community Hebrew School serves 140 students, ages 8 to 15. It has an office and classrooms in the Jewish Community Center, an Educational Director, experienced teachers and aides. Students attend afternoon classes for two hours, twice a week, on Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday. Other options are available in addition for members of Reform congregations. Currently, the school also operates a satellite branch located in Rhinebeck.

Enrollment and class placement information may be obtained by calling the school at 471-7715.






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